Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

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Re: Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

designdog wrote:

Following the wonderful experience of the X100, where I essentially gave up on my 7D and its lenses, I got the XP1 in November, along with the Fuji primes. What a camera! Great feel (to me), great lenses, and great images. Even the AF and other issues were worked out with the firmware updates, to the extent that it is now almost perfect.

Not quite. I am at a point where I have just about had it with the Fuji/Adobe issue. I know, I know, there are alternatives, workarounds, etc. But come on. I have spent around $3000 for a system that is still not in the mainstream, at least with Adobe.

Here is what I want to do:

  • shoot in raw
  • import to Lightroom, with recognized camera and lens profiles
  • process in raw
  • use lens profiles
  • use Lightroom presets, such as VSCO, NIK, etc.
  • swap out to Photoshop (smart object) make edits, return to LR with edits intact, but original raw file untouched
  • export, print, publish from Lightroom.

Yes, there is CaptureOne (for another $300) etc, but you are still saving to a tiff file, and not getting the most out of LR/Photoshop. Forget jpegs.

The D700 I just acquired due to my happy experiences with Nikon MF lenses on the XP1. The XP1, and its 3 primes, are languishing on the shelf.

I am not about to revert to shooting jpegs. I will sell the XP1 (gasp!) before that happens.

Maybe this venting should go to Adobe, but it seems to me that Fuji has more to lose in this situation. They now have 3 cameras with this sensor, and they can't get the industry leader to work with them? Come on.

For many, the X100s will be a landmark camera. All of the neat stuff from the original X100, the wonderful image quality from the XP1, plus many new features. A bomb unless Fuji gets Adobe squared away.

I am going to hold back until Spring on this. The XP1 is out of service now, and if the issue is not resolved by then, it is out of my life as well. Hope that does not happen. I really like the camera, the lenses, etc. But I have had enough, for now...

I´ve already sold my X-E1 because of the X-trans sensor issue. If Adobe can´t give better X-trans support I hope Fuji stops to make it. I´m sure they can come up with some other good stuff based on a Sony sensor... The X-E1 with the original X100 sensor would have been perfect for me!

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