Why is EVF a negative thing?

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Re: Why is EVF a negative thing?

To summarize:

Big Points.

With a OVF I see what I am shooting.  (You need to see the same thing 2x?)

OK.  I started out on Roliflex.  Hold that little camera at waist height to see in the little screen.  Tres cool.  Not too useful.

My father's camera had a bellows.  The viewfinder was a little wire rectangle. What you saw is sort of what you got.

Time marches on and leaves some behind.

Sony has no more OVF challenges, they don't do it any more.

Perhaps this means Nikon gets the market to themselves and stakes out with the old school.

The resolution in the EVF of the 99 is, with a telephoto lens, way better than the OVF.  And you actually see what you get.

Some want a rubber eyepiece.  They are sold as an aftermarket thing.  Check a high end store.

Really, the thing is buried.  Then when you go to print how many of your high res shots end up mucked up because you can't see then on the internet the way they were.  I can't even upload native a99 jpegs from the camera to THIS site.  Some photo site when you cannot see the shot, you have to dumb it down or crop it.

Maybe some company will do what car manufacturers do.  Put both in.

My new Mini Cooper has steering wheel paddles, and hit the stick and you go to manual shift.

The problem is unlike a race car which turns only about 1/4 turn of the wheel, you cannot press the paddle going around a corner, and I need to go from 1st to 2nd before I'm around.  Lead foot.

OVF - Old School for now, museum piece next.

EVF - Getting better every few months.  Geez, people argue to tether the camera AND want OVF!  Nuts I say.

So I have a position, and you have one.  That's how the world runs.

Future Shock, Alvin Toffler.  Just wait and see.  If you live long enough, you will shake your head.

Stock up on TMAX 400, I can still send it to Grand Rapids and buy it there.  Wonderful. But don't buy too much, you might end up with no lab at all.  Only 1 left in all of Michigan, and that's the closest to Canada I can find.  I sent in 3 films I shot and had forgot about.  Nice shots of downtown NY, NY...but I have to scan them to put them on my computer.  And see what the cost is to get 1 developed on 8x10.  Dead technology, I tried and can do better with my a100.

And while I type this NO one is shooting asa 100 Kodak.  Don't make it.

Enjoy your camera if it is dated.  It's not going to get better as those with new stuff move on.

I was going to make hot dogs for supper.  I might build a fire out back and cut some sticks.  The good old days.

I do still have 2 outhouses to take care of.  Throw in the ashes from the stove.  Lots of fun.  According to the government I'm too close to the lake in front and the little one behind, no toilets for me.  Unless I build a better road and a holding tank to suck it out of.  Yuck.

My grandparents and their brothers and sisters all had nothing but outhouses in the 60's on their farms.  They thought doing that in the house was wrong.  

As for me, I'm off to Cuba with my a99, might take the 77, not sure yet.

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