Is cat ownership linked to mental health issues?

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Re: Is cat ownership linked to mental health issues?

RobertSigmund wrote:

I am, but they come in different sizes. 100 pounds, all muscle, this a respectable dog! Hope he does not eat children and bite old ladies.

Yea, mini, standard and giant (as you know). To answer your question, I trained him to eat all children, old ladies and specifically any girlfriends who say stupid things like . . . . "can I stay here tonight" or "why are you getting the black motorcycle? Did you see the blue one?" ​smile  Actually, he is really good with people and very playful . . . but he is very protective of me and this place. Most my customers love him and play with him . . but with a healthy respect. Some are petrified of him, but I think that's because they are not dog people and his size and presence / demeanor can be off putting. He can read people really well and can spot something that isn't right in a heart beat and will get between me and the situation.

As far as Nemesis the cat . . . his head was the size of a fairly large Cantaloupe! I was the only human that ever touched him. He was such a cool guy I always considered that an honor. People were stunned when they would come out of the studio and he would be on top of their car staring them down.

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Alley Cats . . . Urban Tails (the book)

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