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Re: I used to LOVE CANON....but it has a WEIGHT problem

Steve wrote:

Dream on.

If Louis Pasteur told his buddies that one day, milk could stay for weeks without going bad, people would tell him to 'dream on'. If my grandfather was told that we could access a library's worth of information from a phone the size of a deck of cards while we are sitting on a park bench., he would have told me to 'dream on'

and if I asked Katy Perry to join me in the shower while we sang 'Hot 'n Cold', she would tell me to .... well ... you know...

The 'mirror' principal has been around for so long, but the technology , however advantageous now, may be obsolete in a few years if technology of photography advances..

Yes, i SEE the future of technology and the impending demise of large mirrored dSLRs !

so don't be so sure its just a fad....

however, i bought a Betamax, so what the heck do i know.

To compare society changing inventions like the ones from Pasteur with the introduction of mirrorless cameras, is quite exaggerating. That people photograph with smartphones is the by far more important trend. The impact of mirrorless system cameras is rather relatively small.

The true game changer was the introduction of digital photography, mirrorless is just a footnote.

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