First attempt with Studio Flash (Falcon Eyes)... can use critics

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Re: First attempt with Studio Flash (Falcon Eyes)... can use critics

Thanks for your comments and nice words.

I do agree with you that the toes are distracting... I was more paying attention to the lighting and exposure settings that I was happy to see some smiles so now and then. I do have some pictures that are better composed, but than it is without a smile or just with closed eyes.

I also was strugling with the background. I had some vinyl of less than 80 cm wide and it was not properly fixated (came down once in a while LOL) so it was fighting the elements and I was not paying a lot of attention to composition. First picture was with multiple pieces of vinyl, but it did not last

It is definatly one I do have to consider next week!

Also the cropping of the picture is something I have to consider. The vinyl was barely long enough to lie on and also to be high enough. Also a tight living room is not ideal to move freely... That is something that next weekend will be even more challenging...

Strange thing is that the second picture was my favorite. I did use a reflection screen, but I could not see with the modellight when it was positioned right. I had too much of ambedient light (was in living room in broad daylight and only one part of the room was covered with curtains). Also I do not own a standard for the screen yet which makes it difficult to position it anyway. Another thing to consider.

Looking at the pictures again I do agree that for the second picture the hairlight is too much and the image looks a bit flat as well.. Point taken.

I do however have my thought about the lighting on the first pic. It tought it was a bit harsh....

Thanx again for the comments.

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grt, Alex

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