Panasonic 45-150 zoom (silver) for $199 at BHphoto

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Re: Panasonic 45-150 zoom

Mingjai wrote:

bloodycape wrote:

What you purchased is the Oly 40-150mm. This is the Pansonic 45-150mm. Not sure really which one would be the better lens, but the Panasonic offers lens based IS, which is nice for us Panasonic users who don't have IBIS and prefer a lens with IS.

That said I too have my eye on the Oly 40-150mm because that is pretty much a steal at that price. Though the IS on the 45-150mm has me wondering is this lens worth the extra 100 or is IQ the same(or even worse)?

Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the build quality on the Panasonic 45-150mm is a little better than the Olympus 40-150mm, specifically metal versus plastic lens mount.

For me the Pana 45-150mm makes sense as I can access the unswitched OIS with my E-PL5 for any rare video that I do, or for reassurance when I have doubts about the IBIS.

Build quality looks good, has a proper metal mount and comes with a nice deep reversible lens hood. Feels nice, no wobbly or cheap looking bits. The 52mm filter thread makes life nice for me as it matches the Oly 9-18mm and Pana 14-45mm that I also use.

Optically have yet to exercise it properly in the field but my New Zealand holiday starting Wednesday should help me decide if it is a good lens or not. First impressions though are that it is a good one. Might get some Hobbits with it.

In Australia none of those crazy $99 deals and the regular price of the Pana 45-150mm always seems to be cheaper than the Oly 40-150mm as a standalone purchase. Of course the 40-150mm falls to less cost when buying in a twin lens kit.

Regards...... Guy

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