New Pixma PRO-10 Review from Red River

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Canons hardly clog...

Sal Baker wrote:

bobh121 wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

Tom-C wrote:

But if the printer produced terrible results they would have an incentive to say so.

A person that bought a printer expecting great prints because Red River said so, would likely not want anything to do with Red River, or perhaps any home printing, if the prints were awful rather than great.

Reading the review it seems heavy on objective reporting of features with not a lot of judgement on their part. Well, other than the section on how wonderful their papers are with the printer.

If I were considering the Pro-10 I would find this review useful for its discussion of the printer's features.

Also useful is the printing cost results they have posted. $1.12 for an 8x10 when the Epson R3000 cost is $0.78.

My biases: I have lots of Canon cameras and lenses but no Canon printers. My printers are Epsons: 3880 and 7900. And I use roughly equal quantities of Epson paper and Red River paper.


Where did you see the printing cost results in the posted review? How did they measure the cost per print? I can't seem to find that in the article at all.


The cost results are here:

Some people may not agree with there methodology to calculate costs but they are consistent and a good way to compare different printers.

Unless one expects their printer will never clog its a very unrealistic way to compare ink costs.

There is are no standard ink cost comparisons between brands of printers, only model to model comparisons that vary widely based on ink tank size.

More importantly, the linked comparison makes no mention of ink waste from maintenance and repeated head cleanings. All of my previous Epsons used more ink for cleaning clogs and nozzle checks than ever went on the paper for actual prints. The 3880 seems to be an exception for some reason. The newer Canon wide format printers are reported to have few if any clogs. I would love to see a real world comparison of Epson vs Canon WF printer TOTAL ink usage over a year. Simply calculating the cost of ink used to make uneventful prints tells us nothing IMO.


so the RR cost per print is fairly accurate.

Ask Jtoolman, he has quite a few Canons and refills them with 3rd party inks.  He has never complained aobut clogging.

I have 3 Canons that I currently use and they have never clogged, one sits for months sometimes and perfect nozzle check on startup.

My Epson R2880 is another story, more prone to clogging.  My R3000 have never clogged.

I agree that auto cleans affect the cost per print, but all printers auto clean at some point so it's all relative to the cost per print.

Bob P.

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