Working my way "down". Could use some advice

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Re: Working my way "down". Could use some advice

Herts_JoaTMoN wrote:

My suggestion (because I went the same route) would be to keep the NEX AND get the nikon V1.

Yes, that's the way to go!

Both have their pros and cons and complement each other well.

The main reason I bought in to the nikon 1 system was for the 30-110 lens. It out performs anything on the NEX in that focal range equivalent. It's small, sharp and focuses extremely fast. It may not be the fastest of lenses but you can still get some good depth of field control on it despite the small sensor.

You'd get even better results with the FT1 and the AF-S 70-300 VR - absolutely superb combo!

The 10-30 and the 18-55 are a toss up for me. Both arent great, but neither are terrible. I preffer the depth of field control and the better ISO performance on the NEX though and would reach for the 18-55 more often. BUT... Id much rather use a prime at those lengths.

the 10mm is better than the 16mm but at the same time, its not as wide and the NEX has the advantage of the UWA and Fisheye. Its a toss up for me which is better as the 16, although poor wide open is an OK lens once stopped down to about f5.6-8 which is where you'd expect to use a wide angle lens. I chose the SIGMA 19 over both of these though.

Yep, the Sigma 19 is really nice - no anti-shake, though!

The 18.5 is a great lens on the V1, but the new 35mm is just as good, and has the benefit of stabilisation and a better DOF control (at a higher cost and size). You also have the option of the cheap SIGMA 30 in this focus range as well which is a great performer.

Haven't tried the new 35 - sounds interesting!

The Sigma 30 is more than OK, if not as outstanding as the 19! Still a really nice lens - we have it for the NEX, and for the wife's OM-D :-)!

No comment on the wide angle zooms yet. Not seen enough info on either to make a judgement but ill most likely go for the Nikon. Its cheaper and will leave with with Zooms for the Nikon 1 and primes for my NEX.

My advice would be to not ditch the NEX just yet, but try both cameras in tandem.

Agree 100%!

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