Panasonic 45-150 zoom (silver) for $199 at BHphoto

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Guy Parsons
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Vaughan..... 45-150mm plus Raynox 250

Vaughan Williams wrote:  ... What sort of working distance do you get at 1:1?

That question caused me to do a more careful test just now and I was way out in my initial guess.....

The 45-150mm at max tele with Raynox 250 has about 120mm working distance from lens front to subject and about 8mm captured across the frame, that's more like 2:1 macro.

Backing off the zoom to try and get 1:1 macro, it seems to be at about 65mm to 70mm zoom settings and again about 120mm working distance.

To my eye the image is poor at max tele wth the Raynox 250 (+8 dioptre) so maybe the Raynox 150 (+4.8 dioptre) is a better match for this lens and would maybe be closer to 1:1 at max tele. I do have a Niikon 4T somewhere and that is +3 dioptre so should be a more comfortable gadget to use and allow possibly close to 1:1 but easier to use with the lower magnification.

I used manual focus and let the camera reset the lens to infinity for the tests and then focused by moving to and fro. Usually infinity focus gives best result due to internal focus lenses shortening their focal length as they focus closer, but in this lens it is a bit better if focused closer.

Moving the lens to closest focus at the 150mm end gives about 7.5mm across the frame and a working distance of about 100mm. Definitely not a hand held situation, tripod and macro slider really is needed for 1:1 and down to 2:1.

All throughout the zoom range there is no corner vignetting with the Raynox 250 on that lens.

But I'll probably never use it for any "serious" macro as I now have the rather nice Olympus 60mm lens.

Regards...... Guy

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