What is this fascination with iso6400?

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actually quite the opposite

Shooting kids indoors probably takes ISO 6400, and a good PD focus system and a fast lens. Shooting product photography in a studio w/all the lighting you can buy probably requires ISO 100 and a F8 lens and CD focus. The needs of the amatuer are far greater than the needs of some pros.

Clever manufactures are convincing people that size doesn't matter, that a FF F2.8 lens is equal to a M43rd F2.8 lens, and that CD focus is going to follow your kids indoors.

Shooting any type of indoor sports probably required F2.8 and ISO 3200 at a minimum. If you can do that, you're not going to get the shoot. Trust me, you don't want to shoot sports with a F1.4 prime. And you don't want to shoot at 1/100th. F2.8 and 1/500th are like minimums.

EV5 = brightly light schools or auditorioms, EV6 = bright home interiors at night. EV8 = ice skating, pro sports.

For EV6 you need 1/500th, F2.8, and ISO 6400.

Math really is simple. Trust me, I know exactly what I need to get the shot. But yeah, for an apple in sunlight you don't need much.

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

Trends of the moment... I remind in the dark ages of film camera the hot point was fps! 99% of the people had no idea to really use a motor drive at the higher speed, but it was the top criterious most amateurs bought their cameras!

Currently high ISO and megapixels are the hype of the hosts. Clever manufacturers know to use these trends to their business...


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