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Re: Search for novel digital photography Low vision aids

How much are you willing to pay? A Nokia 808 Pureview might do what you need due to its large sensor 41MP camera.  Something Like a GoPro Hero3 Black might also work but it's a video camera and waterproof. Hero3 Cameras doesn't appear to be able to zoom live.

LowVision wrote:

I am the father of a child who is legally blind.

The existing low vision industry has its tools for aiding low vision people at

a price. (4 to 5 figures)

I am looking for options. My son might be able to use a subway if he could read the signs.

If they are more than arms length away he cannot see them.

I have tried cell phone cameras but they don't zoom well.

I have tried a few tablets (IPad2, GoogleNexus) but they have the same problem.

He needs to take a photo and zoom it 4 to 16 times, reducing pixel counts by 16 to 256 times

to be able to read a distant sign (10 yard or more away).

Ultimately it would be best if it was PHD (push here dear) setup with immediate feed back.

I am a programmer and an electronics hobbyist so if I have to I can jury rig a device but I need a

starting point.


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