X100 or wait for X100s?

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Re: X100 or wait for X100s?

Production X100S cams haven't shipped yet, so nobody really knows. We're probably a month away from the first ones shipping, and if you don't already have a preorder in somewhere you could be several months away from being able to buy one. Hopefully Fuji learned from the X100 and has an absolute sh*tload ready to ship, but that's another thing nobody really knows yet.

So I vote for buying a used X100 now, so you get a feel for the camera. Then, when the X100S actually ships and is available for purchase, you'll be in a better position to evaluate whether the extra cost is worthwhile for you.

Until the camera actually ships, you're guessing and/or flipping coins...

John.Laninga wrote:

I'm thinking of buying an X100, just for fun...For my purposes, that is, just general walkaround photography, would the new features (such as new finder and Xtrans sensor) of the X100s be worth waiting for (and spending more)?

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