First Practice shots with my FZ200

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Re: First Practice shots with my FZ200

chillgreg wrote:

Wow dg, what a great effort! I really enjoyed seeing your photos, and it seems you have a good eye for composition, which is a major head start.

If you're not too interested in spending time post-processing (PP) on your computer after the fact, the FZ200 has a ton of colour controls and creative filters built-in. Some of these can be applied after the photo has been taken as well.

Go through the manual slowly at the kitchen table and experiment. It's a lot of fun and you'll have more confidence when the actual photo opportunities present themselves.

Oh, and make use of the Custom Settings too, they are a great way to store your favourite setups. Eg kids, low-light, scenery, whatever floats your boat.

Keep on plugging and have fun


Your comments mean a lot, thank you.  I have no problem with post-processing.  Right now I only have Photoshop Elements and of course the Silky Pix that came with the camera.  I will look at what the camera can do with PP.

I do have a question about that. Can I make a copy of the original JPG picture in the camera?  I made a cursory attempt to understand how that would work.  I think I can copy to the camera memory, change the name, then copy back to the MC where I would attempt to PP using the controls in the camera, right?  Is there another way?  Or better to PP while in the camera memory?

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