SX50: what time is it?

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Re: SX50: what time is it?

JohnHarlin wrote:

Nice shots.

Am wondering how high you can zoom before image stability becomes a problem. I mean can you really zoom that high and not shake the camera when holding it. It doesn't seem possible.

Well, it does amaze me.  Here's a shot I took of the moon when it was directly overhead, so that I had to look straight up.  I leaned back against a stair railing to steady myself.  This is the full frame at 4x digital zoom, so 4800mm in FX terms.

Moon as seen from Southern California.

I don't know what Canon is doing internally, but something is going on.  On other subjects, I have tried shooting a RAW file at full optical zoom (1200mm) and then using PS to zoom to 4800mm.  The best result I can get is much poorer than letting the SX50 produce a jpg of the same subject at 4800mm.

I managed to get a flimsy tripod to point straight up and take this shot in RAW at 1200mm.

Moon and Jupiter.

Then I used PS to zoom into Jupiter, as seen in the upper left corner.  If you use your imagination, it seems like you can actually see some semblance of features of the planet.


Also, am wondering what happens when you lower megapixels. If you go down to 2 megapixels or even vga, what kind of zoom would you then get like about 400..

Yes, the photos are quite good for this size sensor.  Here is one I took a week ago.  I have played around with it a bit in PS, but the quality is just as good without PS.

Wood Duck.

And what about low light shots. Does it have a backlit cmos. I think that helps.

I haven't really tried very low light, but I don't expect much.

Too bad someone can't invent a zoom eyeglass camera. You wear it like regular eyeglasses and then press a few mini buttons on your frame to zoom and take photos. I guess Apple would be the ones that would come out with that though they might build it into their new Iwatch someday. The Iwatch will be coming out some time later this year.

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