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Stuntflyer wrote:

JCB123 wrote:

I see the advantage in the flexibility of zoom lenses, especially @ 2.8. I was just hoping that a small light prime like the 50/1.8 would do the job.

I had the D600 for two weeks and returned it because I hated the bulk and weight not to mention the dust spots.


Yes the 50mm will do that. You will need to balance DOF with available light. f4 to 5.6 will provide enough DOF I think. Avoid direct flash if you can - bounce off the ceiling if it is white and not too high. Try and do some test shots to check what aperture you need before the main or important part of the shoot. If ambient light is making a significant contribution to the exposure take care that your shutter speed does not slow too much. Some blur in the hands and feet of the dancers will convey a sense of motion/action, but this is very much depends on your personal taste.



Based on what you said. . ."You will need to balance DOF with available light. f4 to 5.6 will provide enough DOF I think", I could get one of the recommended zooms. I say this because I won't be metering at f/1.8 or f/2.8 for these kinds of photos. Correct?

You said you wanted 'some depth of field'. I took this too mean that you did not want shallow depth of field such as that obtainable with a fast aperture, such as f1.8 or perhaps even f2.8.

If my assumption was correct then you will need to stop down a bit. I was stating that f4 or 5.6 should give sufficient depth of field because stopping down further could make things difficult to maintain a fast enough shutter speed. Unless of course you will be using flash.

If you won't be using flash then you might well need to use a fast aperture, assumi,ng that you don't want to raised the ISO too far, in order to maintain a fast enough aperture. It's a juggling game

If you will be using flash then the shutter speed becomes less of an issue provided that the flash has sufficient power to freeze action. The use of flash can be problematic though if the cieling is coloured or very high.

If whatever lighting you are using will allow you to shoot with an aperture of f5.6 then a variable aperture zoom such as the 18-105 could be used. If not you would need a zoom with a constant aperture of f2.8. (or possibly f4 ) but at f2.8 the depth of field will be fairly shallow. The primes of course will also work, but although they will open up to even wider apertures this is at the expense of depth of field. They do have other advantages though in that a good prime will usually yield sharper results with better micro-contast - images may have more bite and sense of depth to them. Zooms (and the recommended f2.8 zooms are very good) offer convenience, in not having to run back and forth or change lenses. Zooming with your feet is good but only if you have time and space to do so. Primes are considerably smaller and lighter than fast zooms.

The faster the lens the more options you have. They all stop down to f8 or f11 for greater depth of field but only the faster ones open up if you need it to get enough light.

Sorry that this wasn't a yes or no answer, but neither of those would have been correct.



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