Safari: Buy a new camera or 14-140mm

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Re: Safari: Buy a new camera or 14-140mm

acahaya wrote:

ernstbk wrote:

So my options are

G3 + 100-300 and GF2 + 14-140


G7 + 100-300, G3 + 45-150 and GF2 + 14-42

I will bring aditional lenses for walk arounds like a low light lens and a macro lens.

What do you think the best option?

My suggestion would be G3 + 14-140 as the only camera, if you search you may even find a 2nd hand G3 to complement. In that case G3 + 100-300 & G3 14-140. I would also suggest the 7-14mm for landscapes, like GF2 + 7-14.

I'd never go on a safari with only one camera, i usually carry 2-3 plus a cheapo p&s that can get lost or stolen.

I'd also always bring the longest telezoom available in my lens portfolio.

To me the G3 with the 100-300 and the GF2 with the 14-140 is a good choice. Bring the 7-14 too but mount only if the occation is there for a good landscape shot (although the 14-140 will cover lots of landscape too, doesn't always have to be swa). Landscapes usually don't move, i.e. you have enough time to carefully change theblens inside the car. Bring one of those cotton shopping bags, they are a good dust protection, also while driving with open roof and / or open windows.

Whatever you choose, it is wise to have identical cameras so that you can blindly change settings without looking for the manual. That implies that you should practice a lot with your cameras before the big event, for this reason it is not good to buy a new camera just before going on a once-in-a-lifetime (ok, make it twice) trip.

I used different models of the same brand on all my safaris. It is not a problem as long as you know how tooperate them both and you kind of do this automatically because of the different size/ weight / feel of the smaller cam.

Whe will you go to this time? To SA again or Kenia/Tansania/Botswana... ?

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I love South Africa, however I haven't been to East Africa so I might go there instead.

At the moment I'm thinking of purchasing either 14-140mm or 14-45mm for the GF2


+ Easier to use on the GF2

+Sharp and 14mm focal length can be used for landscape

- I will not be able to cover the focal length of 46-99


+ Able to cover 14mm to 300mm

- Not the sharpest lens on the block

- Pretty big for the iso terrible GF2.

The additional lenses I will take will be 45mm 2.8 macro lens and 20mm or 25mm for low light.

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