D800: iso 140, f/3.2, tightly cropped...

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
DuaneV Senior Member • Posts: 1,350
Re: D800: iso 140, f/3.2, tightly cropped...

Its not just you.  The full sized version on my monitor shows a halo/ring from her eyebrow down around over to her nose where I can see some wrinkles, imperfections, etc., inside the ring.  Outside of it, starting at the top of her cheekbone and going down is very plasticky looking.  On a 4x6 you probably wont notice it, but on a larger 11x14 I'm not so sure.

For my taste, on this type of a photo, its just a hair too dark.  Its nit-picking, sure, but if youre shooting as a pro (as the watermark suggest) with a $3K camera with this pretty of a model, you need to nit-pick because her beauty is going to override any obvious flaws in the photo.

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