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Re: I used to LOVE CANON....but it has a WEIGHT problem

007peter wrote:

My old setup was a Canon 30d + Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM. Love the IQ, but hate the bulk.

I downgraded from 30d to a Rebel XTi, then stay with Rebel series for lighter setup

I downgraded my Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS to a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC.

The setup was somewhat lighter, but not enough.

Now I find myself with both Micro43 and Sony NEX.

There was a time when I thought all photography begin & ends with canon;

Today, I believe all photography begins & ends with Micro43 or Sony NEX. It' a mirror-less world, or soon to be.

Dream on. There are too many people, who still use, prefer, and buy DSLRs. If you look what cameras people use,  the market is dominated by smartphones and DSLRs. Mirrorless gain a bit but not a lot. m4/3 owners (I am one too) should not fool themselves in believing unrealistic things.

We have not much clue, how really profitable mirrorless systems are for the manufacturers. I can't believe that the Pentax, Ricoh, Samsung, and Canon efforts provide any profit. Even the Fuji X system isn't profitable probably. Panasonic's camera division doesn't do well, and the financial situation of Olympus is well known. Sony is in trouble too.

Manufacturers are currently not very reluctant to give up unprofitable branches, which are too small and not core business. Today, we obviously have too many camera mounts. So consolidation will come. It could well that even the apparently successful m4/3 standard will vanish in not too distant future.

There won't be mirrorless dominance anytime soo. Perhaps in 10 years or so, but that is something I won't call soon, and we have not much idea, how much the markets have shifted by then.

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