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Re: panasonic m43s

Bass Rock wrote:

It really isn't helpful to ask for the 'best' because cameras have so many attributes to consider. You have to ask about best for a specific context. If you ask best to fit in a small bag, best to use in cold weather with gloves, best with viewfiender for someone who is short-sighted you will probably get different answers. Even if you asked best image quality you will get different answers because IQ is not a single thing - sharpness, dynamic range, colour etc. all vary across the m43 cameras and sensors, and are affected by the lenses you use.

I don't mean to sound negative. If you want useful advice it would be helpful to explain what you want the camera for, and how you use/carry it. That might narrow it down a bit.

I use the Panny GH3, now that really is the best m43 camera - for me and my uses

Naw, the GX1 is 'best' ;->

It has better battery life, is smaller and lighter. IQ the same as GH3.


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