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Re: uh, it's really obvious what is going on

seahawk wrote:

I think it would be suicide to drop the F-mount. The huge market for used lenses and the large number of lenses in possession by photographer forms a brand loyalty that only Canon is able to match at the moment. It is logical that other firms go for the mirrorless route, as they have practically lost the DSLR fight to Canon and Nikon.

Nikon doesn't want to lose ANY fight, from compacts to FX.  They can't afford to lose the mirrorless fight.

For Nikon alienating the F-mount users would mean forcing them to buy new gear, not only cameras but also lenses. Now we can guess how likely it is that a Nikon lens owner, whose lens collection (which probably did cost a few thousand bugs) has just been made obsolete by Nikon, will decide to invest in yet another Nikon system. How likely will it be that the Nikon mirrorless system will be as dominating as their DSLR system when compared to anybody but Canon.

No reason at all that Nikon can't produce an adapter which would allow use of AF-S lenses with full function.  Nor will mirrorless doom FX sensors.  There just won't be as many dSLRs sold and they'll gradually disappear.  The new cameras will sell with increasing volume, and customers will happily add the new, smaller lenses to their kit rather than the big, expensive FX.  More volume/profits for Nikon; less size, weight, cost for the enthusiast.  Win-win.

Same with the DX DSLR. Any DSLR below the D600 is DX. Most lenses sold today are kit lenses for the DX sensor. Does anybody believe that Nikon will drop thus customer base, I do not.

DX and the DSLR will stay for a very long time, their market share will be eroded by the FX DSLR and new mirrorless systems, but not by as much as people think. Most DSLR bought today are replacing older DSLRs of the same manufacturer, it is a major market, where the new entry into a system is rare. Any Nikon mirrorless system must be able to use the F mount lenses and it must be seen as an addition to the DX DSLR system, same wit the FX system which is an up-grade path from the DX DSLR system. In a mature market Nikon needs to offer as many options to the customers as possible, the last thing they should do is alienate the user base and force them to one new system.

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hobby aviation photographer

I agree with you.  Nikon won't be alienating their current dSLR base.  Reference the comment above.

It's like Apple introducing the iPad.  Remember the early talk?  "What are they thinking?".  "I can't see any advantage over a good laptop."  "Looks like a mistake to me."  It's an inevitable morphing of the market.  To Nikon's credit, I believe, they'll have the best, most complete system with the best backward compatibility and eventually begin to get the kudos that Apple has gotten for the iPad.....along with the competition!  Which simply means, if they don't join the parade, they'll be watching from the sidelines.

I still have some T-mount lenses with manual apertures that can produce excellent images.  Don't use 'em much anymore.

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