User Advise On Leica R-8 SLR Film Camera:

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Re: User Advise On Leica R-8 SLR Film Camera:

I have had an R8 since they came out from the factory. Originally I was only shooting film then the Digiback came out and I have been using that now for over 10 years. The system eats the charge on a battery like nobodies business. You can not buy an additional battery from a Leica dealer that I have been able to find so if your battery goes dead you are done until you can plug in a charger.

The system was extremely reliable until last year when my camera died. Leica NJ sent it back to Solms and it was repaired for $1,100.00. I could have bought a used R8 for half of that. The repair order was a bit vague as to the actual problem they found.

I have been vascillating between something like the Nikon D800 and waiting for the new M-240 that will take R lenses. These are 2 very different cameras obviously. If I can find the right deal then I will jump on a D800 and use adaptors to the R lenses.

The camera gives great images but has a limitation for size of image. I did a large metal print and found that the pixelation was very noticeable when the image is blown up that large. No surprise but that was a wake up call for my photography becaue I was over a limit for something I wanted to do. Send me a PM if you need more info.


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