What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: What is this fascination with iso6400?

I do lot of bird photography (and other Nature photography, besides other more broad-interest subjects). Not professionally, but as a very keen amateur. Wild birds, that is. Birds are very seldom still (except the proverbial sitting ducks, which are rarely seen!    ). Birds are also small - and they don't like me, which means I don't get close enough to use flash. And it would probably disturb them, if I used it).

Usually, in good days, I use ISO 400 (Canon 7D). Often, 800, 1600 if I have too, but I don't like it. It is usable, meaning it becomes acceptable with pp. On many days, on many occasions, I see many birds and just look at them, don't even take out the camera, as I know that I would need ISO 3200, preferably more. But the results are not to my liking.

And, no, I can't use regularly a long telephoto (type 500 mm or more) @ f/2.8. For more than one reason: first, they don't exist. Second, anything approaching that costs an arm and a leg (in my age, I don't qualify as a kidney donor!). Third, I am talking about gear I can actually carry. Fourth... You get the drift, I am sure!

So, why are a number of photographers so miffed that I, and many others like me, for different reasons, want good quality pictures in bad light? Just because you don't need it? Just because 20 years ago it was impossible? And yes, there are many like this. Just look at how many buy long telephoto lenses,  for example - they all would benefit of high quality, high sensitivity cameras! (And, for that matter, a large number of MPx, but lets leave that aside).

How did I do it last century? Not very well, that is the truth!

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