Why is EVF a negative thing?

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Then again, which camera with an OVF in the A57 price range comes anywhere near 10fps with AF? ;-}

Of course the down side to Sony's higher frame rates is (1) they don't provide a healthy buffer in ANY of their cameras (IR tried to call Mark Weir on this one but he just backpedaled) and (2) there can be conditions to the highest advertised fps rate (e.g. a fixed aperture). So for some shooters this won't cut it - until they bring those two options up to par with other high-fps bodies, I kind of see this as a "bragging rights" (/advertising) thing.

Again depends on your needs. In RAW it shoots 10 fps for 2 seconds (20 frames), 8fps for 2.6 seconds (21 frames). The D7000 shoots at 6fps for less than 1.7 seconds (10 frames). The 7D before the recent firmware update allowed 8fps for 2 seconds (16 frames).

Sure, it's not going to compete with buffers from cameras costing a multitude such as the 1 series from Canon or single digit D's from Nikon.

Absolutely agree, and I think Sony knows enough not to advertise these as sports/action cameras. If I look at the Canon 7D, for example, it can produce very nice JPEG's OOC and, IIRC, the buffer will run to about 135 of them. I just picked up my 1D Mk IV second hand for $2500 - a bargain given its perfomance; to me I'm much better off with a second or third generation high performer when looking to shoot this way.

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