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Re: uh, it's really obvious what is going on

bobn2 wrote:

No Nikon did not 'drop the D300 customers'.

Pretty much although, on reflection, I think "abandoned" might have been a better choice of word.

It provided them with different options. Many have taken the different options.

That would be FX or...?

The few who went D300 ==> D7000 seem mainly disappointed.

It would be strange if many had abandoned ship, since no other manufacturer provides anywhere for them to go, if they insist on a 'D300' like camera.

I think a lot of D200/D300 users really like the APS-C sized sensor. And quite a few manufacturers are offering interesting APS-C options including Olympus, Fuji, and Sony.

Yes, many of those alternatives are mirrorless. But that's a plus for those of us who want a portable quality camera. More so if budget is limited. FX is a negative.

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