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Spiridakis Michael
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patchotoole wrote:

Spiridakis Michael wrote:

Just got my first android mobile and I have 2 observations

Firstly there are no Fuji apps to control the camera from the USB port - lets say a nice intervalometer a thing I suspect is easy to be done as the cameras from S100fs and then are all controlled via USB.

Secondly... There is no way this device to compete the worst of today's cameras in IQ I really can't understand all this fuss about mobile photography...

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Well on point 2 that very much depends on the android device you got and the very worst camera you are talking about. I think they are hellish to use but to date I'm taking far more photos with my phone than with my cameras. And mobile cameras are improving all the time. Nokia are hammering away at that to try to regain mobile market share. And, the compact camera market has fallen off the cliff (I've seen 30% drop in 2011 quoted) so the majority of people might argue it with you.

I think this  kind of generalizations are not accurate, if so many people use phones to take pictures then probably they are right... This is what I call market democracy.... and as the real democracy many times fails to represent the truth.

There is one truth in the story....  a huge number if these smart phones are granted from mobile providers at least in a percentage of their price...

I wonder if cameras was the same granted how many would use smart phones to take pictures.

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