What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: What is this fascination with iso6400?

Pedagydusz wrote:

Yes. Awsome photographs of the subjects that they could photograph, not of other subjects they would like to photograph!

BTW, I imagine that you are still using these film cameras with low sensitivity film? After all, they could get awesome pictures, so anything else is a waste!

Like with megapixels, there is a threshold for ISO as well. 14 MP is enough for 90% of the photographers, for 99% of the shots they make. Similarly with ISO. Up to 3200 is enough for 90% of the people, for 99% of the time

(Yes, they are numbers I just made up, but if we had a way to gather the data, we would see that I'm not far off)

I make money mostly by photographing bands in dark clubs. I do use flash, and I do use natural light. I don't think I've used more than 1600 ISO (and I'm not even using an f/1.4 lens, only an f/1.8).

First we had the megapixel race, now we have the megapixel ‚Äčand ‚Äčthe ISO race. For a fraction of the photographers, for a fraction of the shots they make, more megapixels and/or more ISO range might make a difference. That's about it.

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