X100 or wait for X100s?

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Re: X100 or wait for X100s?

I'm in a similar situation. I have an OM-D + lenses and really love that kit, but last fall I became enamored with the X100 images I was seeing here and on Flickr. There's a "look" that's hard to replicate in post. I ended up buying a black LE X100 just after Christmas and, I have to admit, the OM-D is largely sitting in it's bag these days!

My dilemma is whether to keep the X100 or go for the S. I actually have an S pre-ordered, but I'm beginning to wonder if I really need or even WANT the "better IQ" and faster AF, etc! The X100 has a magical quality to it, and the images reflect that magic. I'm afraid the S will be too "clinical" (my only complaint about the OM-D). I'm also worried about the X-trans RAW processing issues (I prefer to shoot RAW).

I wish Fuji had kept the same sensor, but added all the other new features to the S...

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