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Re: uh, it's really obvious what is going on

malch wrote:

seahawk wrote:

Same with the DX DSLR. Any DSLR below the D600 is DX. Most lenses sold today are kit lenses for the DX sensor. Does anybody believe that Nikon will drop thus customer base, I do not.

I predicted they wouldn't. But I was wrong.

Nikon did drop the D300 customers.

They successfully migrated some to FX. Others are still waiting for the elusive D400, but quite a few have already abandoned ship. I think it was a huge strategic error -- one that could even prove fatal.

I wouldn't say they dropped the D300 customers in any precipitous event.  But they are leaking quickly and, at some point, Nikon will wake up and they will be all gone.  Even D7000 customers are leaking to other brands, to mirrorless, etc...

Losing the DX base (which is ~80% of their dSLR customers) does seem like it would be fatal.  Particularly when it's not like they're replacing the DX cameras with anything else.  If they had a top line 4/3 or APS-C mirrorless option that was growing like gangbusters then perhaps the future would be that Nikon is just moving DX customers to either FX dSLR or high quality mirror-less.  But, with only the very small sensor CX mirrorless, it doesn't seem like Nikon is headed down that path either.  Right now, I'd say they are on a precipice.  If they don't start showing a plan for where DX goes soon, they may fall off a cliff at some point.

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