D800 matrix metering vs. D600 matrix metering.

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Re: Now an example where the light is outside a focus point...way outside all the focus points.

clarnibass wrote:

However, although my D600 seems to "protct" highlights sometimes, it never gives such dark photos like in your example. In addition, just a few days ago I shot another concert and tried matrix instead of center and spot that I normally use. To my surprise, it worked great. With strong lights in the frame, exposure was very good. The photos have people that I don't want to post here, but I can email you if you'd like.

Re your room example, it is very strange. The D800 is f/2 & ISO 4000. The D600 is f/4.2 & ISO 1000. That's just over four stops more for the D800. The shutter speed is 1/80 for the D800 and 1/15 for the D600, which cancel back two and a half stops. So the difference in exposure is just over a stop and a half. I could be wrong but the difference looks significantly more than that...?

That's kind of comparing apples to oranges. Unless the same lens was used under the same lighting conditions it's really just guesswork and speculation.

Not saying there aren't any differences, but using the same conditions and equipment would go a long way in showing truer results.

I would even question the results the OP got since the OP states he no longer had the kit lens to do the check with the D800.

Again, I'm not saying there isn't a sensitivity difference between the two bodies, I'm sure there is, and its probably intentional; I'm just saying the same lens with the same lighting would have been a truer indication. We know some "kit" lenses perform differently than say "non-kit" lenses.

That's my point.

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