G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

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Re: G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

Hokie One wrote:

I am looking to upgrade from an EPL-1 to either a G5 or the OM-D (or EPL-5). What do you think about the differences between the two camera for IQ and ergonomics. I have limited use of my right hand and the EPL-1 is hard for me to use comfortably. Please no "only you can decide" comments, I am just looking for ideas.

Thank, Dave

Only you can decide...really...but after you try the different form factors out.

My two cents is it depends on how limited the use of your right hand is.  I am only guessing that your limited use means that it is difficult for you to grip and operate the controls which are right hand biased.  Personally, I find the grip of the Panasonic G (except the G3) and GH series to be very useful and comfortable, but I have full use of my right hand...I find I can hold those cameras all day with very little fatigue, primarily using the last three fingers of my hand, palm when the camera is hanging down at my side, and then adding the thumb, when in shooting position.  Using a GF1 or GX1, this comfort is not there, even though the cameras are lighter.  I have to say the built up rubberized grip of the GX1 is far superior to the GF1, but it does not hold a candle to the grip of the G (except G3) and GH series.

I do not have an Olympus, but I have handled the EPL3, EP3, and OMD.  All I find are less comfortable to grip and hold, more like the GF1 and GX1.  That is not to say they are uncomfortable, but none can hang all day from the last three finger or four fingers of your right hand with very little effort as the built in grip form factor.  The OMD is a very nice camera, and I think one could get used to it.  The thumb grip is very comfortable, substantial feeling cam. The OMD thumb grip area is more comfortable than the thumb grip areas of the G/GH cams, but the OMD body form factor puts a lot of strain on the last three fingers again, because of lack of a grip.  I have not tried the HLD6 grip, so cannot comment on it, other than to say it looks not nearly as deep as the grips on the G/GH cams which to me are the key to the comfortable hold, even by the way, with extended periods where the Panasonic 45-200 zoom, no small lens, is mounted.  The Panny 14-140 is even heavier, and is still comfortable on the G/GH cams (G3 excepted)

So bottom line is if you hold the camera mostly left handed, and just use your right hand to fiddle with controls, activate the shutter, I think you must have to try out the form factors.  Not knowing the extent of your right hand limitations, I could guess that the more spread out controls on the G/GH series might be easier to use, if the left hand does most the support...or not...back to the only you can really decide...

I find the large grip form factor allows me to both more easily hold and operate the G/GH cams over the more compact GF1/GX1 form factor which is more similar to the PEN line, and to a lesser extent, because of the nice thumb grip area, the OMD.

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