What is this fascination with iso6400?

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What is this fascination with worrying about what others use?

I wonder why you would be concerned about what others wish to use to capture their photos.   I could just as easily ask why anyone would need slower than 1/30 shutter speed.  That's probably less than 1% of my photos, so surely anyone using slow shutter is just being silly.  Or those crazy people using f11.   Don't they know about diffraction?   People use what they use because they feel it the best way to capture the scene given the conditions.

Where have I used ISO 6400 recently?

Newborn baby in a darkened hospital room with a 50mm f2 prime.  I didn't think it courteous to use a flash on someone who has only just seen light for the first time hours ago.

Daughter's dance recital.  Still needed ISO 6400 with an f2.8 zoom in order to get 1/400.   School auditoriums are not as well lit as you'd like and flash is not allowed for obvious reasons.

Trick or treating with the kids after dark.  Needed 6400 and 12800 even with a f1.4 prime, but flash would have killed the ambiance.

I'd suspect that you really aren't as closed-minded as you are portraying here and that you can think of more useful situations for ISO 6400 if you try.

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