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ihgold2 wrote:

Or maybe, I suppose, I might like to give distance to subject as my input and have the flash tell me the necessary power based on current ISO/aperture.

That's indeed the most common way of doing it, since often you want to be at a certain distance from your subject and you want to use a certain aperture. Only if this brings you outside of the flash' capability, you'll consider changing one of these two parameters.

Thanks.  I have a couple follow up questions.  I'm not sure if anyone can answer them for me (and maybe they're contained within the two previous replies already and I just need help interpreting

It looks like the 430EX only let's me set the power.  Then, when I press the shutter half way, it shows me the distance.  Ok, I can back my way into the correct distance by just adjusting the power until my flash-to-subject distance is correct for me.  Does that make sense, or am I going about things in an awkward way?

Second question: because the 430EX is dependent on being attached to the hotshoe to give me the distance, how can I use the method above when the flash is a Slave off camera?  (Does the 430EX II or 580EX II allow for this?)

Again, I'm really asking because I just read Understanding Flash... by Bryan Peterson.  And he's always writing something like, "I just dialed in my flash-to-subject distance and found the appropriate f/stop or flash power ..."  Does that work for some flashes when the flash is off the camera?

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