What is this fascination with iso6400?

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you haven't done the math, or thought about it

There are many common situations were you could use ISO 12,800. Even with F2.8. And yes you can get printable 20X30 shots - I have one sitting on my desk in front of me. And the exposure was 0.25 seconds, hand held.

I've done the math here so many times it boring. I suggest you run some actual numbers for common situations. You'll ISO limitations have been hobnobbing you're creativity, not the other way around.

But hey, if you want to stick with static images in bright sunlight, be my guest. If you want to shoot life as it happens, on the road, you'll need high ISO.

Adventsam wrote:

Do you think you will get quality images at iso6400 with any system, ever? they may be ok but useful for what exactly? Why is a forum dedicated to a lower-end of camera systems seemingly obsessed with iso6400? OK, maybe camera y isnt as good as x at iso6400, who gives a xxxx, buy some decent glass. You would have to be shooting in a tunnel at night not to be able to get a decent result with f1.4/1.8 glass at iso1600, even 3200 is the max you want to be at, shotts above these iso's are really because there is no alternative, we've run out of f stops, we are at long focal lengths, we cant use flash. But let's be honest most of us are shooting closer to base, aren't we?

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