Nikon D5200 got very high DXO score

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Re: Nikon D5200 got very high DXO score

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philbot wrote:

If Sony can perfect on-sensor PDAF, or make the SLT mirror flip up out the way, they'll always be slightly hampered in those benchmarks..

If they find a way to flip mirror the gap should be very close, just look at RX1 and D600 DXO scores. But for sports and wildlife shooters who prefer APSC crop sensor, camera's AF performance is at least as important as clean high ISO. I am not sure how fast or reliable on-sensor PDAF can be.

Using the Nikon V1 has convinced me that on-sensor PDAF is more accurate than using the traditional separate PDAF module found in DSLRs, and is potentially the fastest as well if the issue of low light performance can be solved. The main issue with on-sensor PDAF is getting enough light on the sensor to make it work reliably. This is not an issue at all in bright daylight, but becomes an issue as the light intensity diminishes. However, a larger aperture lens will allow more light to reach the sensor,  and  I find that with the Nikon V1 the PDAF focusing works very reliably in 4 EV with an f2.8 lens, and should work in even less light with a larger aperture lens.

But you don't have to believe me. This is what Imaging Resource said about the Nikon V1's hybrid auto focusing:

"Overall, Nikon 1's hybrid AF system offers outstanding AF speeds that set a new benchmark for CSCs and consumer DSLRs alike." - Imaging

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