G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
drtmw Regular Member • Posts: 454
Re: G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

Dear Dave,

I have a G5 and upgraded from a G3. I looked at an Oly but for my somewhat larger than average hands I found it fiddly and not that easy to hold comfortably and importantly not easy to actually use. The screens etc. were great of course, and the image quality is also great I understand. I am completely satisfied with the IQ of the G5 and I routinely shoot my G5 (with the great 12-35) single handed. It has, for me anyway just enough grip and the size and weight is not bad.  So I'd recommend it over the Oly on ergonomic grounds. I have contemplated one of the hand grip type straps and for you this might be great. I think the G5 is at the sweet spot for m4/3, great IQ, proper size, and reasonable price.

Good luck in your chase!


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