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Re: I appreciate and thank everone who has responded

Central Fla wrote:

I truly do appreciate everyones response and I also except full responsibility for failing to correctly phrase my question about look, feel and art and then not excepting the CC on the image. I came from film, a 645 super and the images were always seen in print or on my light table. Glossy prints are the only thing that came close to the crisp images of the D800 and I am still in transformation to digital. It was one he** of a learning curve. Most "art" for galleries as I remember seemed to have a softer feel. I am still learning the balance between sharpening, clarity and contrast, something I never had to deal much with in film. Even if I seemed abrasive or confused I still learn from such interactions and again thank everyone.

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I dont think that a photo can be too sharp for art, In fact it is very easy to blur or unsharpen rather than sharpen. I think the correct mixture is what you're striving for. Good luck! and if you dont like the D800 give me a shout before you toss it...:-)


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