which camera to buy 60D or 7D

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Re: I had the same dilemma

Well I had that same dilemma before. Heres a question for you - What are you gonna do with the Camera's?

Here's my take on the issue:

I picked 60D, why?

I took 60D primarily because of video. Now take a closer look on the video specification. Both 60D and 7D have the same video spec. But 60D is cheaper and it comes with a articulating (flip) screen and doesn't heat up during takes. This unit is made for people running on a budget who wants to have decent footages.

Why not 7D?

Well, I would have bought 7D if I was a photojournalist out on the hassle. Clearly 7D is the more superior camera - the AF Points alone is a killer spec. The body can be a weapon to hit someone your mad at. If your willing to spend more on tools like (external monitor and other rigs) it a pretty decent camera. This one is made for cowboys ready for combat on the streets.

So taking into consideration the BUDGET and the amount of TIME/EFFORT(PROJECTS) and CONDITIONS that I'm gonna bring the camera 'at' - the 60D fitted well my CRITERIA. Basically its up to your CRITERIA, you might be spending on specifications you dont need or might end up with a camera that have inadequate specification for your skills.

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