Do RAW shooters use the Fuji X DR enhancement feature?

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Re: Do RAW shooters use the Fuji X DR enhancement feature?

Trevor G wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

I ask because I'm consistently disappointed with results using the DR enhancement feature.

Perhaps you don't know when it is best to use it.

Here is an example from DPR's test image repository for the X-Pro 1. This is DR400 and processed in Silkypx:

There are a number of ways which this image, processed from RAW, is better than the matching OOC JPEG, such as the cloud detail, the better foliage and grass detail, better sharpness and so on.

Grainy, flat and impossible to enhance in post would seem to be the order of the day. I can fully appreciate why that is, given what the camera does to boost DR, but I do wonder if it's worth it if you'll be PP'ing anyway.

I didn't think the image above looked grainy or flat.

Here's the same DPR sample from RFC-EX with Highlight Controller, Dynamic Range slider set to zero (0) and use of Tone Controller and Tone Curve.

RFC-EX, DR=0, Tone and Tone Curve adjustments

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