6D autofocus is a revolution

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Re: 6D autofocus is a revolution

Spad16 wrote:

This is why I’m so impressed with the 6D focus, I can’t compare with the 7D, I hope someone else will, but the 6D certainly blows the 40D into the reeds. I think Canon had a stroke of brilliance here, once the nature/wildlife photographers realise how useful the 6D centre-point is, it’s going to sell like hot cakes, in fact I suspect it already does.


I have had a 7D since they came out.  I just got a 6D last week.  So far I am quite happy with the 6D center-point focus.

I shot with Nikon FMs and Nikon FEs for years.  With those cameras it was always focus and recompose.  That's what I am used to . . . so the 6D suites me well.  (I'm an old dog.  I don't easily learn new tricks.)

I've never had a problem with the 7D focusing system . . . once I read the manual several times and watched the Canon video tutorials.  The system is great for action shots.  If I plan to shoot action shots I will use the 7D but for scenery and architecture give me a 6D and center-point focusing.

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