rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: for the RAW shooters..

AdamT wrote:

Glad you`ve worked out the FOV and amount lost , I guessed based on other cameras , I don`t know the percentage with the canon cameras . I use the term de-Fish because fisheye is a more extreme version of barrel distortion and these cams are pretty severe (though not as severe as a true fisheye lens)

I might try the other cameras from samples, now I'm curious...

BTW Moustache distortion is usually caused by complex lens elements trying to correct severe barrel distortion in a wide angle lens , the RX/S90/LX etc won`t have this because the lens hasn`t the glass and relies on software in camera to do that correction (to make the lens simpler therefore cheaper and smaller)

Thanks, that sounds logical. But do you know for sure that none of the the RX100's  lens elements is there to correct the barrel distortion? Also can aspherical lens elements (of which the RX100 has 4) lead to moustache-like distortion?

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