"C&C welcome" means "praise me or else"?

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Re: "C&C welcome" means "praise me or else"?

WOW, some sweeping statements from Rational but I have to ask where the rational comes from in this post. I would like to know what qualifications you have to make the comments that you do.

In posting the comments you have I have no doubt you expected some c&c yourself, not on any photograph but on your words and oppinions so here's my tuppence worth.

I am an amature who wants to improve, I love taking photographs for various reasons and I am really pleased when a get a shot that works. The problem is that as I continue to improve, my own self critique kicks in and I always think I could have done better but not sure where, if that makes sense. My family and friends love my shots warts and all but none are into photography to such an extent that they would feel capable of critique and even if they did, because they are family and friends I feel they would hold back so not to upset. I began to post on DPR to get feedback on my images to help me improve, mainly on the landscape and travel forum. I liked the look of a lot of my images that had a vignette effect but from the feedback I got I looked and thought again and realised that I was overdoing it just because I liked it. I was using it in images that did not benefit from it and now after critique given I feel that my presentation is improving. This is why I think most people post the images, you may be right in your oppinions for some but I do not think so for the vast majority.

You say it is alright for professionals to ask for c&c in order to improve so that they can make more profit, I say it is alright for amatures to ask for c&c so that they can gain greater satisfaction from the shots they take, it's really the same thing.

Photography is subjective and these forums are a way of like minded people enjoying each others participation, it does not have to be debased by such a negative input. We are all entitled to our oppinions, who can say who is right or wrong in such a subjective hobby, other peoples oppinions can be invaluable however if those oppinions are put in such a negative format it may have the result of driving people away. Those same people may be the ones, who with the right input, who will provide the greatest images for the future.

These forums are geared up predominantly for amatures who want to improve and through the use of c&c they work as they should. As for those who do post fishing for compliments, what's wrong with that, everyone likes a pat on the back from their peers every now and again, if you've taken a shot and you're proud of it, show it. If people want to c&c then they will if not then they don't have to, there is nothing wrong in asking for oppinions.


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