Why is the body open?

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Re: You just moved the target, didn't prevent dust

tkbslc wrote:

If you put a clear lens farther away from the lens, all you did was alter the part of the camera that you need to clean. Dust will just collect on your little protection lens instead of back on the sensor. Nothing has changed in terms of dust prevention, but you've significantly altered the design of the lens mount.

And FWIW, the top layer of the sensor is protection glass already. The actual sensor is not exposed.

I think the guy has a point. If there were a glass well in the box sealing it you would have far less trouble getting the dust out. You wouldn't need to worry about what has accumulated in the mechanism out of your sight line and whatever dust did get in to that protection plane would be outside the plane of focus and so be far less of a problem. Changing lenses on site would be less of a worry. Only trouble I could see is that it would reduce how close the rear element of the lens could get to the sensor plane reducing ultra wide ranges but how much of a limitation would that be. Oh and of course the flat plane of glass would change the optical characteristics of the lens you put in front of it so you would probably be looking at a whole new system for this one modification.  The glass could even be removable and replaceable in the long run to deal with any issues with micro scratches on it.

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