If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

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Re: If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

Winder wrote:

DaveKaiPiper wrote:

I can understand why they don't have a FF camera, if people really want a high end Pentax, they have one of the worlds best cameras with the 645D.

Personally I really do think it is one of the best cameras out there on the market today and well worth the investment.

I have written much about this camera and love it to bits. I would love to hear what other people think about this camera ?


Are you seriously asking this question? In the USA there are 3 current 645 lenses available. Europe has much more support for the 645 platform.

Full Frame cameras like the Nikon D800E are much more versatile, much less expensive, and much more portable. The lens system is much larger. The 3rd party support is much, much better.

Unless the 645D comes out at half the current price with a much better sensor it is not even close. The 40MP CCD is only slightly bigger than the 36MP D800 sensor. IF Pentax were to produce a true 645 size CMOS sensor in the 60+MP range then it might be a different story.

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The 645d produces images of incredible quality. The d800 is good but not comparable.  I use the 645d. Lenses are te notch . The neutral tone , smoothneas of gradation creates a much natural image than any 35 mm cmos sensor. In addiction the lenses are better. I have the 35 for 645d and really i cannot imagine a better lens  for any system comparable. Is simply outstanduing.

The d800 is good but the i,age i. Still see in the web simply are in a different league.

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