6D autofocus is a revolution

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Re: 6D autofocus is a revolution

Spad16 wrote:

Guilty as charged! I only use centre-point, and I’m so happy with a centre-point that really works, that I forgot the rest. For me coming from a 10mp camera to 20mp , a little cropping to change the composition doesn’t hurt at all. Image quality is still better than before. But I can see the need of more focus points for photographers who really compose in camera. For a lot of my photography, birding and aviation, my biggest problem has always been acquiring focus on the subject, once I’ve got it, I blast away (and there I’ll miss the 40D), but more often than not I get a series of blurred images because I missed initial focus. This is why I’m so impressed with the 6D focus, I can’t compare with the 7D, I hope someone else will, but the 6D certainly blows the 40D into the reeds. I think Canon had a stroke of brilliance here, once the nature/wildlife photographers realise how useful the 6D centre-point is, it’s going to sell like hot cakes, in fact I suspect it already does.


Well speaking as another airshow/wildlife shooter I have to say thanks for posting. This is exactly the kind of thing I've been waiting to see (either good or bad) about the 6D. So long as the center point locks on well in low light and still function in AI-servo is about all I need. Currently I have a 7D and 60D and while they are a great combo (long lens on the 7D, wider lens on the 60D), they have to be put away at about the same time. Knowing that when the light fades I can switch to a longer lens on the 6D and still get some extra shooting time in, even if I am compromised a little on frame rate, would be a nice bonus.

Thanks again.


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