What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: You don't shoot events

TheronFamily wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

therefore, f1.4 at iso1000 and 1/100 sec maybe more should be possible with 4ev!

If all I needed was focusing agility (f/1.4) and totally disregarded required DOF (f/8), hey, by all means ...

f1/4 @ 1000 @ 1/100s =

f/8 @ 1000 @ 1/4s

f/8 @ 6400 = 3.something stops = give or take 1/40s.

Now this all in natural light, without flash to freeze motion and obtain DOF, yeah, I don't need no ISO6400.

What exactly are you trying to do? even physics has a limitation! so you want f8 now in 4ev, post a sample?

no? (Even though I suspect my reply will be shot down in flames anyhoo)

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