Probably the most profound wake-up call on IQ you/I will ever read...

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Re: Probably the most profound wake-up call on IQ you/I will ever read...

chillgreg wrote:

Apologies if this old article is a repost, but I thought it was good value to share in light of the never-ending this-vs-that IQ debates that proliferate.

Written by an industry veteran, it is an unusual ad-hoc experiment comparing the *perceived* IQ of a Canon G10 P&S to a medium format $40,000 Hasselblad H2 and Phase One P45+ digital back. Yes quite seriously!

A fun read, no matter what you do (or don't) take away from it.

Speaking personally, I think the message (especially for some people) is very clear. To use the author's own words: "most cameras are better than most photographers."

I've seen this comparison before from another source and had a problem with the prints that were viewed for comparison. Both cameras were printed at 8x10 or A4 if I recall correctly but realistically if you printed both to say, 36 inches I have no doubt the difference would be more apparent even though I have taken my G10 comfortably to this size with acceptable results. Even looking at the glass alone there is no way the G10 is going to compete unless you print small. Ever looked at the edges of the frame on the wide end of the scale with a G10? It's a little frustrating although DxO optics software cleans it up fairly well. And don't get me started on the sensor noise. Don't get me wrong. I like my little G10 and its output but it is what it is. It just isn't a 'blad but wasn't ever meant to be, was it? Of course if you never go beyond A4 then the comparison is kind of mute. A 'blad H2 would just be overkill anyway.

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