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Re: Why I switched to an OM-D

I made the same switch after taking an involuntary bath when sailing in the archipelago with my 40D on me and it was drowned.  It recovered partly after some time but remained unreliable as soon as it was a little damp. I sold all my gear in one package with camera body for free.

The reason for me to choose the OM-D instead of a new Canon body was size and IQ. Tests indicated better IQ than the 40D, which I regarded as an excellent camera in all respects than size. To my opinion no Canon APS is significantly better. My most used lenses were APS ones so a FF didn't seem an alternative.

While I'm from the very start was very happy with my OM-D E-M5 I sometimes missed the ergonomics of the sturdy 40D. But  since I got the JB grip the OM-D ergonomics have improved a lot. It's now a joy to hold in my right hand when walking the streets which it wasn't without a grip.

On my 40D I used a Sigma 17-70 as standard zoom and a Sigma 10-20 as UWA, both very good lenses. I also had an old Sigma 70-210/2,8 with 1,4x extender, big and heavy.

On my OM-D the kit lens 12-50 make the same service as the 17-70. They're comparable regarding sharpness but the 12-50 is slower, which to some degree is compensated by the better high ISO performance of the OM-D. I'm one of those who like the kit lens, but it could be faster. I also have the 9-18 and it is good but not fantastic. As telephoto lens I use an Oly 40-150/4-5,6, which is amazingly good. I also have a Sigma 19/2,8 but to my eyes it's just a little bit sharper than the kit lens, though 1,5 stop faster of course.

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