D800 matrix metering vs. D600 matrix metering.

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Re: Now an example where the light is outside a focus point...way outside all the focus points.

AngshuArun wrote:

I doubt your 2 photos at the 2nd post! The exif data of the two snaps does not match or even not close to each other.

Aperture of f/4.2 in D600 v/s f/2 in D800; ISO 1000 in D600 v/s ISO 4000 in D800. That is a significant difference in the exposure. I guess the brightness of the D800 image was bit obvious.

Check the first shot. I also took that one at F2 initially. I retook it at F4.5 because I figured someone would make that argument. It didn't make a significant difference to the metering and you wouldn't expect it to.  With auto ISO it should vary the ISO to get the metering where it needs to be as long as there is enough room in the exposure to do so. Tonight, I'll see if I have time to do the same with the second one.

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