X100 Snapr 35 + brad strap ?

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Re: X100 Snapr 35 + brad strap ?

rattymouse wrote:

tiberiousgracchus wrote:

As i wear my camera now it either hangs round my neck for quick shooting but looks 'touristy'

I hate the touristy look so I ditched all my camera straps. Now my gear sits in a Billingham bag. I can pull out my X100 or GA645 very fast and shoot without a strap, no problems at all. When done, I just plop them down in the bag and strap it shut. Works fantastic.

or over my left shoulder (not really for shooting and very awkward when i wish to use it in an instant.

So I was thinking of going for this combination. Has anyone had any experience if the brad Strap actually works with the Snapr35? Im unable to find any confirmation of this on the www.


The bag was an is and interesting idea Im currently using a leather bag flattish with a flap.but no padding. But when im out and about im wearing it always as i now have learned with it across my chest looking not 'touristy' imo and this is what i wanted to achieve really with  quick access to shoot. The bag just ads  to bulk although it does protect it more. really im not afraid of it getting knocks due to its sturdy build and is so small that when walking and not using it it tucks nicely under arm over the hip and not so obvious.

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