Help with GPS Assist Data - A65

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Re: Help with GPS Assist Data - A65

Duck44 wrote:

Thanks Ray and Rio,

As a last resort, I will connect the camera, but hopefully someone chimes in with how to do it via PMB to the memory card. At least it is supposed to be possible.


The last time I checked, you had to copy-paste a .dat file into the PRIVATE->SONY->GPS folder in the memory card once the camera creates a data base.

I got that file, but I don't have the GPS folder in my memory card (although now it occurs to me it could be hidden...). I placed it in my memory card but it doesnt seem to do anything.

The .DAT file is supposed to establish a link to a Sony server that updates the GPS assist data, but like I said, it hasn't worked for me. The automatic way is the one that works so far.

I got the .dat file in case you want it, let me know.

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